Andys Loop

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Mixed Bag
Andy's loop is technical, with steep climbing either way you ride it. It is not popular, and thus not busy, but also not well-maintained. It's bordering on backcountry. It feels long, some of it is new and very sandy. It is a challenge not to be taken too lightly. BUT... it offers a variety of terrain that no other Lunch Loop trail can, and views that rival any others. Andy's is typically ridden from South to North, or from the access at the end of the Ribbon or Little Park Road. From that point the trail descends into a valley via hard-packed bentonite soil- fast. The trail continues along the bottom of the valley for a short ways before climbing- with two options. The far right trail climbs steeply up the valley wall, and is narrow and sketchy, before it connects to the newer section of trail (currently marked with red flags). The left fork (where the trail sign is) indicates a short hike-a-bike up to where it meets up with the valley-wall trail. After the long, rigorous and potentially terrifying climb check out the views! The descent is also fast, but mostly flowing on hard-packed dirt without forced technical sections. After the joy of flowing among the sagebrush, the trail begins to climb again through a section of rough, and at times quite steep, trail littered with lava stones, which eventually give way to the typical sandy terrain before a short and steep ascent to Eagle Tail. Though Andy's is not for the faint hearted, remember, "Adventure is out there!"