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    EASY: Smooth single track dirt or wide soft surface. Generally suitable for family rides
    INTERMEDIATE: This trail category has a wide variance. Difficulty may vary between easy and expert, or be narrow on steep hills
    EXPERT: Difficult trails may contain as much as 20% hike-a-bike and are considered technical in nature and/or require high level of cardio fitness
    DH/EXTREME: Extremely difficult or deemed to be "Downhill Specific". You generally don't want to go up these trails
    DIRT ROAD: Dirt roads are generally considered wide and easy. Although there are occasions where a dirt road may be very difficult to maneuver
    PAVED: Multi-use paved pathways provided by cities or organized by many cities in cooperation (----- soft surface)
    HIKE ONLY (Dotted -----): Typically wilderness areas or places where trails are designated for hikers only
    Unknown - Need contributor
    SNOW PACKED: Skiing, Snowshoeing & Snow-Biking
    EXTENSIVE SNOW/MUD: Trail use not recommended - Please be kind to our trails
    VARIABLE CONDITIONS: Aspect Dependent - Please Turn Around When You Encounter Mud!
    MOSTLY DRY: Minimal, isolated patches of mud - Please Tread Lightly!
    DRY: Get out and play!
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    NEAR PERFECT: This trail was crafted by an artist
    EXCELLENT: Well maintained trails, buff and flowy
    GREAT: Trails that are maintained, naturally great, and/or provide beautiful views
    MEH: Worth riding when close in proximity, may not be maintained but generally enjoyed
    AVOID: May be hiked, generally considered "Adventure Riding"
    NOT RATED: Unknown or Expired Rating
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