Skidmap Garmin 800/810 Basemap

The Skidmap Basemap includes all the trails in the US that are currently shown on the Skidmap.Com web site. Residential streets are only provided in the State of Utah, and a few cities outside of the State. We do include dirt roads as shown on the site in addition to many other dirt roads that may aid in accessing and traversing a trail system.


The Garmin Updater makes use of a browser plugin provided by Garmin. This updater requires version or higher and has been tested with the following GPS Devices:

  • Garmin Edge 800, 810, 1000
  • Oregon 300

The first time you download the map to your unit, an activation code is required. A valid activation code will enable your device to work with our maps. Activation codes are available from our sponsor bike shops listed below. If you are a bike shop and would like to provide activation codes to your customers, be sure to visit our sponsorship page and direct all inquiries to

Current SkidMap basemap size is 26 Megabytes. The Garmin 800 comes standard with 105 Megabytes internal storage. If you use other maps, we suggest using a microSD card.

Status Text

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To download our device maps requires an activation code, which can be obtained from our sponsoring shops.
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